Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Full On Ride POV “Mumbo Jumbo” at Flamingo Land. 🦩


Scheduled for release on Tuesday 14th May 2024

Costing in excess of £4m and created using the latest coaster technology, Mumbo Jumbo’s 112° vertical drop saw it enter the record books as the ‘world’s steepest roller coaster made from steel’, a position it held until 1st July 2011. With its eye-catching African theme, Flamingo Land Resort’s ultimate attraction definitely delivers everything that a great coaster should! For extreme ride fans it’s an experience that shouldn’t be missed. The fearless will pull in excess of 4g, a force close to those experienced by jet fighter pilots, during a high speed trip packed with twists, turns and 2 full inversions. So, think you can handle what’s sure to be one of the most adrenaline-fuelled rides of your life? Then find out soon, only at Flamingo Land Resort! Flamingo Land Resort’s ultimate coaster 112° vertical drop Two full inversions Experience up to 4g Ride Details Mumbo Jumbo Category: Thrill Rides Restrictions: Min Height 4′ / 1.22m Park Location: The Lost Kingdom Height: 98′ / 29.87m Speed: 20mph / 32kph G-Force: 3.5 G Manufacturer: S & S Power

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