Saturday, May 18, 2024

Flip Flop at Flamingo Land Full on Ride POV

 Scheduled for Release on TBC

Situated over a vast lake and complemented by a maritime theme, this swinging, rotating ride is not for the faint hearted.

In addition to the mines and sharks, watch out for the water jets as you pass over the giant ships’ funnels. You’ll never quite know whether you’ll get caught in their icy blasts, but you’ll probably be more concerned with holding on tight as you deal with forces of up to 5g.

  • Thrilling Fabbri Top Swing ride
  • Swings & rotates, reaching up to 5g
  • Fantastic maritime theme

Flip Flop

Category:Thrill Rides
Restrictions:Min Height 4′ 6″ / 1.37mMax height: 6' 6" / 1.98m
Park Location:Splosh!
Height:78′ / 23.77m
G-Force:5 G

The Link to this Video will appear here once its live on YouTube…

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