Thursday, July 6, 2023

The Falconers Quest

 Scheduled for release on Thursday 6th July 2023

Here’s the Full Show of The Falconers Quest at Warwick Castle.

The UK’s largest bird of prey show!

Warwick Castle is bringing you 60 epic birds from all corners of the world. Swooping, looping, and winging their way towards you in the family-favourite show The Falconer’s Quest.

The caste’s stunning selection of birds of prey include The Andean Condor, The Steller’s Sea Eagle, The Bearded Vulture, The Bald Eagle, plus lots more. Set in a bespoke arena set upon the River Avon this falconry show puts you right in the flight path of the fastest owls, vultures, and eagles on earth you with wingspans up to a whopping 9 foot.

Now Available to Watch:

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